News! The Reunion wraps

An overdue recap of filming The Reunion. Very thankful to have the opportunity to work with such a great crew and cast. Writer/Director Tim French and Producer Carter Palmer did a fantastic job putting together this team. I was around for 2 of 3 weeks of filming, and Carpinteria really felt like home. Very pleasant, sleepy beach town reminiscent of my stomping grounds of Seal Beach. Everything closes at 9pm, but if you want a night out then Santa Barbara is a short stretch of freeway away.This was my longest shoot since filming The Lizzie McGuire Movie. It was awesome being away for that long. Maybe it was because I had such a liking to Carp. I was at the beach nearly every morning for an ocean swim. Yes, in a speedo.

No set, especially an indie set, is without its hiccups. For example, when shooting this scene below with Ramsay Philips (being touched up by the amazing Amanda Nilo), we had to compete with nonstop construction going on about a block away. The actors were fine. Joe Cooke on sound was less fine.

I'm looking forward to the finished product. We shot on a Black Magic, so it was purty. Seth Wessel-Estes our DP came up with some very creative and interesting shots that I'm looking forward to seeing edited together. I got to drive a Jeep around with a camera mounted on the front hood. And we had a chase scene with a guy running alongside us with a Ronin.

It's always interesting how you spend a good amount of time with a team, and then you all go your separate ways, and don't typically see each other. At least not often. It's actually fun that way. I am intentional about making time for my non-industry friends, but then it's so fun to see who weaves back into your life. Of course, the longer you're here, the smaller the world gets. And when you meet new people, it's always fun to see what friends you have in common and to hear how other people got attached to a project.

Working on plenty of things right now that I'll fill you in on later. Until then!

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