Shot Down

The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth

My grandfather, Howard Snyder, was a B-17 pilot stationed in England during World War II.  On February 8, 1944, his plane, the B-17  Susan Ruth, was Shot Down over the French/Belgium border after a mission to bomb Frankfurt, Germany. 


Now in his novel Shot Down, my father Steve Snyder tells the true story of events leading up to and after that harrowing day.  Of the ten man crew, some died, some ended up in prison camps, and some evaded capture.   What makes this book unique is the varied, detailed, and amazing story of what happened to each crew member, in particular Howard Snyder who evaded capture and was missing in action for seven months.


Pilot Howard Snyder

Author Steve Snyder

Shot Down recevieced finalist honors in General History and Military History by the USA Best Book Awards and has well over one hundred 5-Star reviews on It's a perfect read for any history or war history enthusiest, while others will find it fascinating as it includes personal letters from Howard to his wife at home and similar personal details.